The EC funded EU-IndiaGrid2 project - Sustainable e-infrastructures across Europe and India has played a key role in enhancing and increasing Euro-India cooperation on e-Infrastructures. The EU-IndiaGrid e-Infrastructure has successfully supported a set of applications which, with effective deployment and increasing usage of the Grid service, achieved excellent results in the domains of High-Energy Physics, Biology, Material Science, Earth and Atmospheric Science.

EU-IndiaGrid2 is now approaching to its conclusion. The final workshop will be held on 8th Deceber within the frameworkof the 7th International Conference on eScience, in Stokholm, Sweden.

The workshop will be LIVE STREAMED fomr EU-IndiaGrid2 website
from 10:30 CET (from 15:00 onwards Indian Time)


Workshop's page

At the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network 32nd meeting, which took place in New Delhi, the EU-IndiaGrid2 and CHAIN Workshop on Research Applications of High Speed Connectivity Across Europe, India and the Asia-Pacific Area was held on 24 August 2011 showcasing how e-Infrastructure is driving scientific research across Europe, India and Asia.

  • Workshop ABSTRACTS and PRESENTATIONS are available from the EVENT PAGE
  • You can access the VIDEO INTERVIEWS taken with the workshop speakers in the MEDIA CENTRE
  • If you lost it you can watch the WORKSHOP LIVE WEBCAST HERE (Courtesy of NIC)
  • All the APAN32 webcasts are available here (Courtesy of NIC)

On 23 August 2011 the Asia Pacific Advanced Network Limited (APAN) and TEIN* Co-operation Center (TEIN*CC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on projects to benefit the research and education community in the Asia Pacific region.

The scope of collaboration between APAN and TEIN*CC includes the following aspects:

  • Exploitation of Research and Education (R&E) network infrastructure
  • Development of advanced network technologies and applications
  • Organisation of workshops or meetings to promote advanced technologies, applications and human resources

The importante of the TEIN high-connectivity links in Asia and in India in particular was highlighted during the APAN32 Meeting in Delhi, in August 2011, where also EU-IndiaGrid2 established a special partnership with TEIN3.

EU-IndiaGrid2-TEIN3 joint flier for the social event co-sponsored on the 23rd August 2011

Lyon Convention CentreEU-India Grid 2 at the EGI Technical Forum 2011

On 21 September EU-IndiaGrid2 was present at the workshop organized by the CHAIN project, in cooperation with EUIndiaGrid2, EUMEDGRID-Support and GISELA, in Lyon, France, during the EGI Technical Forum 2011.

The workshop analysed the progress made since the Vilnius User Forum, April 2011, in the matching of User Communities’ requirements and Resource Providers’ plans. It helped to pinpoint the remaining critical issues and the necessary technical developments, if any, that still need to be addressed in order to fulfil the requirements of the VRCs.
EGI, CHAIN, GISELA, EUIndiaGRid2 and EUMEDGRID-Support will make use of the outcomes of the workshop to better solve the issues related to the involvement of Virtual Research Communities in the usage of Grid infrastructures.

Workshop page

The 9th e-Infrastructures Concertation Meeting will be held in Lyon on  22-23 September 2011 in parallel with EGI Technical Forum.

The meeting aims to introduce the new  e-Infrastructures projects  starting in 2011, to take stock of progress in e-Infrastructures and to discuss future perspectives on data, cloud technologies  and e-Science environments, HPC and Software. The event also include a short  presentation of  the currently open Call 10.

GRDI2020 is pleased to announce that it will be streaming the event live  at

GRDI2020 (246682) is a Research Infrastructures Coordination Action funded by the European  Commission under the Capacities Programme, Framework Programme Seven (FP7)

CHAIN - EU-IndiaGrid2 Workshop
on Research Applications of High Speed Connectivity Across Europe, India and the Asia-Pacific Area

What is the status of e-Infrastructures high speed connectivity across India and with Europe and with the Asia-Pacific Region? How fundamental is global computing connectivity for the full deployment of existing Grid computing e-infrastructures?

The Workshop “CHAIN - EU-IndiaGrid2 Workshop on Research Applications of High Speed Connectivity Across Europe, India and the Asia-Pacific Area” will offer some answers to these questions presenting the best showcases for the network exploitation for research applications in domains where international collaboration and sharing of e-Infrastructures have been most valuable.

Event page - workshop abstracts and presentations

From heat waves across Europe to cold snaps in Delhi and the massive devastation of extreme rainfall across Asia, extreme weather is becoming a global issue which researchers believe is caused by climate change.

Research into issues such as monsoon rainfall is now based on simulating models which rely on advanced computing infrastructures (eInfrastructures) and high-speed networks. These enable researchers, irrespective of their geographical location, to make swift and accurate calculations and projections based on massive data sets. This has seen the growth of Virtual Research Communities (VRC) from around the world which depend upon policy makers and experts to ensure eInfrastructures are interoperable, efficient and work across countries and continents.

The “Conference on the role of e-Infrastructures for Climate Change Research”, held in Trieste at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) 16-20 May 2011, addressed these aspects.

Read the press release and the executive summary and watch the Photo gallery.


ISGTW features a focus on the Climate Change research and computer science relationship in reference to the ICTP Climate change Conference in Trieste, 16 th to 20th May,  that aims to discuss the potential of e-Infrastructures, to empower climate scientists researching the impact of climate change, and gain from the rising tide of data.

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The EU-IndiaGrid2 newsletter offers an overview of project achievements in 2010 and looks forward to a full year of events and activities in 2011 including the EU-IndiaGrid2 Conference on the Role of e-infrastructure for Climate Change Research which takes place in 21-25 May at The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste, Italy. The conference will see a keynote presentations from Dr. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India and member of the Government Cabinet and Professor Van Ypersele, vice-chair of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Just before this conference, EU-IndiaGrid2 will also hold a Biology Grid and Cloud Workshop & Smodlyn Tutorial on 29-30 March at Cambridge University, UK. Key insight will be given into the benefits of Grid computing and the full potential of Cloud computing for the Biology research community.

EU-IndiaGrid2 also plays an important role in supporting EU-Indian policy alignment. In this edition we also have an interview with Professor S. V. Raghavan, Scientific Secretary, Office of PSA to Government of India and Chief Architect and Chairman, Technical Advisory Committee of NKN. Professor Raghavan speaks in detail about the progress of the Indian National Knowledge Network.
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Joint CHAIN/EU-IndiaGrid2/EPIKH Grid School

Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC)

Kolkata, India

1-17 February 2011

EU-IndiaGrid2 is organising this Grid school in collaboration with CHAIN (Co-ordination and Harmonisation of Advanced e-INfrastructures:, and EPIKH (Exchange Programme to advance e-Infrastructure Know-How: announce the Grid School for site administrators and Application Porting to be held in Kolkata, India.

Grid site administrators

The aim of this tutorial is to prepare system administrators on the installation of grid sites and actually put together those facilities to increase the size of the CHAIN/EU-IndiaGrid2 infrastructures. The first days will be dedicated to the gLite middleware, services installation and configuration. The second part will be dedicated to have the participants install sites, remotely (from the tutorial), at their home institutions. At the end of the school a participant organisation will have an operational grid node within the EU-IndiaGrid2 grid infrastructure.

Grid school on application porting

The Grid School aims at increasing the number of scientific/industrial applications running on the CHAIN/EU-IndiaGrid2 production infrastructure. A participant will learn how to port, deploy and run his application on the CHAIN/EU-IndiaGrid2 grid infrastructure. The School also aims at bringing new research groups to use the CHAIN/EU-IndiaGrid2 resources as well as to diversity the application domains and scientific communities. At the end of the school a participant will have its own application operational and running on the EU-IndiaGrid2 grid infrastructure.

The school will take in total 18 days and it aims at support participants at effectively porting and running an application on the Grid. As you may see it consists of two separate parts: one for site administrators, one for application porting.

Here below the links (inserted also in our web-site)

eLab and EU-Indiagrid team at ICTP are proud to announce the release 1.6.2 of GRIDSEED.

GRIDSEED is a tool that simplifies the setting up of a fully fledged grid infrastructure based on the gLite middleware. It was developed to easily deploy a training grid infrastructure almost everywhere in the world, since the only requirement is a set of hosts (simple PCs) locally networked together.

The main features of this new release are:

  • DHCP server on master is listening on different port (4242), DHCP clients on WNs are configured to query only that server.
  • Every CE has only 16 WN associated (instead of 256 of the previous release).
  • New Milu Users Interfaces, 32 and 64 bit, both with gridway metascheduler.
  • CREAM CEs have enabled the support of new MPI attributes.
  • Added a lcg-CE and a lcg-WN for gridway job submission.
  • Added a new VO elab for testing pourpouse
  • Tutor user created, on both milu UI, with examples jobs in its home directory.

Virtual machines are available for download - Download NOW

Find out more about gridseed here

The GRIDSEED Development team welcome any suggestions and input to improve our virtual environment.

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